such an honor to get this award…


play the out of context game with you and your non haikyuu fandom friends

honestly the problem w disney fans is that they're so caught up in the "perfect nostalgia" of all the movies of their childhood that they've lost the ability to critique them, let alone try for anything better or more inclusive of diversity. idk it's just gross ass brand loyalty breeding a group of ppl who can't do anything but passively accept media


ron, harry & hermione!

i like to imagine that after the war ends & everything gets cleaned up, the three of them get a flat together while they recuperate & try to figure out where to go from there.  and they all have a tough time of it at first, but eventually they create someplace all of them can call home.


shit boy its hot as hell out here someone bring me some fuckin lemonade


Neon Genesis Evangelion in 1995 and 2007